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I wrote this documentation to try and help future people work with the MySQLdb module for Python. The MySQLdb project is available from the Sourceforge project site at this link.

When I started working with this module I had a tough time finding up-to-date and complete documentation for the module. What I am attempting here is a complete, up-to-date guide to using MySQLdb and a complete up-to-date reference manual.

This documentation is a compilation of knowledge from various articles on MySQLdb, my personal experiences with using MySQLdb, and (of course) the actual MySQLdb source code. My aim is to make this knowledge available to the community and use the generated feedback to hone my documentation to perfection. That being said, please if you find a mistake or have a suggestion for improving this documentation please email me and let me know!

Basic Guide


Making a Connection

Getting a Cursor

Executing Queries

Obtaining Results


Cleaning Up

Reference Guide

Version 1.2.1_p2

Additional Resources

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